Port Macquarie Building Inspections & Pest Inspections

Port Macquarie Building Inspections & Property Reports

Port Macquarie Building Inspections & Property Reports

Aspire Building & Pest Inspections is a Port Macquarie Building Inspection & Property Inspection company based on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales.

We can provide you with a Building Inspection & Property Report or a Pre Purchase Building Inspection that outlines possible structural damage or conditions conducive to structural damage, as well as any defects in the condition of secondary and finishing elements to your property.

Our Building Inspection & Property Report will contain a description of your property and the materials used in the construction of your building. Your house report will also highlight any areas we were unable to access on the day of the property inspection.

At Aspire Building & Pest Inspections, our photographs may show defects and/or areas of concern that the we have noticed in the course of the building inspection.

General Building Inspection Information

At Aspire Building & Pest Inspections, we will inspect all accessible parts of the property, including:

  • Interior of the building
  • Roof space
  • The exterior of the building
  • The sub-floor space
  • The roof exterior of the building
  • The property within 30m of the building subject to inspection

Port Macquarie Pest Inspections & Timber Inspections

At Aspire Pest & Building Inspections, we conduct Pre-Purchase Timber Pest Inspection to Australian Standards (AS 4349.3). We provide a careful and thorough inspection of your property with a focus upon identifying and reporting on evidence of TimberPest Activity, Conditions Conducive to Timber Pests, Evidence of Pest Management Systems and Risk Management Options.

We conduct an examination of timber and other accessible materials or areas susceptible to attack by timber pests including:

    • Structural timbers in the loadbearing framework of the building including bearers, joists & rafters.
    • Finishes to the building such as moldings, architraves, skirting’s, doors, windows & cupboards.
    • Wood & wood products in outdoor areas such as landscaping timbers, fences, logs, pool surrounds, garden boxes & tubs, firewood, paving blocks, sleepers, tree stumps & trees.
    • Any other visible susceptible timber materials such as bridges, pergolas, stored items containing cellulose, builder’s debris & formwork.

We Perform Tests (where appropriate) including:

  • Sounding – Using a tapper to identify timber elements which sound hollow.
  • Probing – using a probe to identify timber made soft by decay, termites, delignification or borers.
  • Electronic Moisture Detecting Meter – used to identify excessive moisture created by termites or conversely, creating a condition conducive to timber pests.

Timber Pests specifically addressed are:

Delignification, sometimes called defibration, is the breakdown of lignum over time. Lignum is a chemical in plants that has the function of binding the cell walls together. Delignification occurs in older homes commonly by the sea or in industrial areas where there is heavy pollution. The surface of the timber becomes fury and fibrous. Delignification is most frequently found in the roofing timbers especially the tile battens and rafters, however, it can be found in other timbers.

Australian conditions are particularly suitable for termites. The Australian Standard recommends that a termite inspection be carried out every 12 months and more often in high risk areas.

Contact Aspire Building & Pest Inspections Port Macquarie on 0468 478 587.

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